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I have a Briggs 206 motor with the 6100 limit green coil and I'm getting really weak spark, not enough to fire the motor.. Tried new plug and also disconnecting the wire on top of the coil per Reagan vehrings request with no success. Any ideas? Bad coil?

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     I just sent you a private e-mail a minute or so ago not seeing that you had this posted.  How old is the engine?  Is there any chance that the spark plug or flywheel to module gap closed up?  I am guessing the plug isn't the issue because you changed it but without a proper air gap between the flywheel and module your spark will be little to nothing.


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I know this is an old post but i think it would be helpful to bring to everyone's attention that some times the kill wire from the coil to the kill switch can work it's way under the black air shield that goes from the orange blower housing across the cylinder and is bolted to the cylinder above the clutch.
It can wear through and provide a perpetual ground for the coil just like the kill switch was on all the time.
The fix is very simple.
Remove the air shield and use a small plastic zip tie to tie the kill wire to the front coil post.
Then it can't work it's way under the air shield.

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How much of an air gap is needed between the flywheel and the rev limiter posts??  There seem to be very little gap on my engine. and what are the two black flat pieces on the flywheel??

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Your air gap should be .014-016".  I'm guessing you are referring to the magnets in the flywheel from what you are describing.
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