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My son got to run in his first practice on a track. He was the only 206 on the course so he ran with the other kid karts running the comer engine. Off the line the briggs shows its true power but top end was lacking compared to the comers. I though my son was letting off way early before the turns but he says he was not. I had 2 spotters also confirm that it seemed to them the pedal was all the way down. In the pit I started and ran the kart on the stand. Idle was 890 on his digital tach. Pedal all the way down the tach said 1760 and engine was cutting out Im sure bc of the limiter. So I slowly increased the gas, the rpms steadily increased up into the 1600's then it started cutting out. Could I have a bad spark arrester? Im going to verify this with a optical tach to be sure that the on board tach isn't bad but honestly I think my lawn mower turns more rpms.

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I have a similar problem. I'm unable to get the rpm much over 5300 no matter what I try. The times are about 8 seconds slower in the Briggs than a Honda. We changed everything in it except the engine itself. My son drove a proven Briggs and we have concluded that the engine itself has a problem.

Some things to try :

Kill switch wire
Spark plug
Fuel pump
Slide ( and slide opening)
Ignition coil should be green ( check the gap) unless its a junior set up

I changed more gears with this engine and zero effect on times.

Hopefully it's not a bad engine. Your revs sound very low so maybe check the tach set up if it's digital.

Good luck. I'm starting over with a new one

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Thanks. Yes it is a junior set up so we are limited to 3800 rpm if i remember correctly and its a brand new engine.  Fuel delivery is OK. Im running transparent lines so there is a constant supply of fuel that I can see and his waist can will capture some fuel. We are limited to a 57t rear. I would look more to the carb or slide but this is a definite no fire situation. the rev repetition is too consistent. Its sad to see a 2hp 2 cycle eat up a approx 5hp briggs. Especially when your trying to get more 206 kid karts in the circuit. Its a hard sell.  

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There is something really simple going on and we just need to figure it out.  From the factory the 206 engine idle is set to 1,750 and each is power tested to the rev limiter.  Your tach is reading 1,750 for a top rpm?  The Max Torque clutch, as shipped, engages at 2,000-2200 rpm so at 1,750 your clutch wouldn't be engaging yet.  

What is your gear ratio?  If the kart is safetly secured on a stand does the engine rev limit at around 4,100 rpm when you hold the PEDAL down? I want to make sure you are getting full throttle at the pedal to begin with. 

It sounds like your tach is not working or the settings need to be adjusted.  I don't know what unit you are using but please let me know that also if you can?

The engine will idle at 800 but it will be incredibly sporadic.  This is the point where the engine ignition is reaching full power to transition from analog to digital.

Also check to see if the choke might be partially on or if the level adjuster is loose.  This can give you symptoms similar to the rev limiter.

If you can answer a couple of questions scattered in my response I'm sure we can work through this. 

The Junior 206 has the fastest laptime at the last three years of the kids kart nationals so the performance is there.

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