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2 Day 2 Ways (same group that organizes the Texas Lone Star Grand Prix) will have a Briggs LO206 class at this event. Registration opens the 1st of June and this will be there first time having this class at there event. Lets show up in huge numbers!

Briggs & Stratton L0206
Engine: Factory Sealed Motor
IKF Rules
Age: 15+
Weight: 375 lbs.

Registration Opens on 6.1.14
Prices for Entry 6.1-6.30 $125
7.1-7.31 $175
8.1-8.14 $225
8.14-8.25 $275
At 9:00 p.m. on 8.25 entry closes. 
No entries will be accepted after this time. 
MG HZ Tires $217


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          Can you private me the contact for this race?  We would like to help!  It sounds awesome!

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Anybody here on the forum have the low down on IKF rules for LO206 Sprint Racing? The engine specs I would assume are the same as the Briggs Nationals but what about the chassis, bodywork, seat etc. etc.
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