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I am being told that to install a starter on a LO206 racing motor similar to the world formula motor, which come with one installed, you must break the ceal to install on the LO206, is this correct?

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So, no thanks to Briggs Racing responding to my initial inquiry, but many thanks to a fellow racer whom worked through a successful starter installation(you know who you are), yes you can install a starter on the LO206 without removing the ceal. It is a tight fit, but it works.

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No real excuse for our lack of response to your inquiry outside of us living out of a suitcase this time of the year. I'm glad to hear that someone else took the time to help you. That's part of where we would like to see this forum going, racers helping racers and the sharing of information.

Just to answer your original post for all to see:

The 206 engine can be equipted with a starter without having to impact the sealed bottom-end. According to our rule set it isn't defined as being LEGAL so please make sure to get approval from the series or track you are racing at.

The parts you need are the 557068 starter, the ring gear 5557128, and the plastic shroud cover 698039.

I would recommend before buying this to look online (ebay) but also dealers that specialize in quarter midgets especially. In this style of racing the starter parts are removed because they are direct drive race cars. You might be able to save money purchasing a new system pulled for this use.

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Does anybody have a photo of the motor with this starter installed?  How difficult is it to install?  Any tricks I should know about?

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