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Animal 12V Electric Starter SCREWS

Trying to install electric starter on grandsons BRIGGS ANIMAL KART. Have all the parts but need screws sizes for 1) starter gear four screws,2)  electric starter motor to the cylinder two screws,and 3) two button head screws through bracket and into cylinder cover These are the screws that briggs maintenance & for.

1 Install the ring gear to the flywheel with four screws. Torque the screws to 35-50 lb-in. (4-6 Nm.The performance catalog calls them #2 phillips 

What size and type #2 Phillips screws?

2 Install the electric starter motor to the cylinder with two screws. Torque screws to 125-150 lb-in (14-17 Nm). 

What size and type  screws?

3 install two button head screws through bracket and into cylinder cover. Torque screws to 115-125 lb-in (13-14 Nm).

What size and type botton head screws?

 4  An 8 mm battery cable is recommended between the battery and starter solenoid

It tells the size cable but not the screws.

This is the thread from Briggs maintenance & repair it shows no screw sizes.

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