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I was given LO206 with a worn cam. I want to break it open and build it to run Gas Animal. I have found regulations on the Animal but want to know if anything other than the Connecting rod, cam and ignition are different. Value size, Springs. Questioning others and snooping, I hear that people are paying up to $1500 for professionally built "Race" engines. If they are restricted to certain things what is really done to make it a "Race" engine.

Can I just open it and replace those things (if nothing else needs it) and have a competitive Animal?

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Yes you can replace some of the parts (everyone does) but the real trick is in doing the allowed machining and setting everything to get maximum power.
There is a lot of labor that goes into a blueprinted engine and that's why the price is substantially higher than one off the shelf.
Do your research and have at it. 
You'll have fun.

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