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I have just bought a used kart for my 9 year old to race in the Briggs Junior class. I am pretty handy but not a motor mechanic. 
Is there a resource that will give me all of the information to set up and maintain the LO206 engine? The Briggs website just gives a list of parts and a basic set-up one pager. 
I'm looking for more of a newbie guide, such as what to look out for and common Q&As. I understand the motor is sealed however there will still be fuelling, cleaning, gearing, mounting, maintaining type questions that I'm guessing most people new to the sport will have. 

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so I guess no-one's prepared to help...  and they call this place a "community"

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A community of misfits with a common love for racing and engine.  Check the 206 section on Friday, documents section, and there will be a couple more documents to help your cause.

Gearing is really going to be track specific and that is simply trial and error if your gearing focused on using the torque band.  In a junior restricted class this will be well short of the limiter.

What class, aka. slide are you using?

The other thing I would recommend is joining our facebook page.  It simply has more 206 racer eye-balls looking at it day in and day out.  This forum is still building it's momentum after an initial launch with plenty of issues.

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