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Hi Briggs Racing,

I am unable to get my clutch to come off the motor.  I'm afraid this means I have some type of keyway damage.  I purchased a used kart with the briggs lo206 already installed.  The clutch is the max-torque that comes standard on a junior lo206 if that makes a difference.

Please pass along any pointers on how to get the clutch to come off.  I worry that I will need a new motor if the crankshaft is damaged.

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When installing the clutch it's important to put a washer of some sort on the shaft before you put the clutch on.
There is a radius on the inboard end of the crank that the clutch can get stuck on. The radius on the crank adds strength to the crank.
The best thing to do is use a large bearing separator / puller to remove the clutch.
Another alternative is to put a long bolt and large washer in the end of the crank and carefully use one or two pry bars. Use a piece of wood between the pry bar and the side cover.
Another thing that could have happened is that the key way on the crank could be damaged.
This usually happens because the clutch wasn't installed properly. It's important when you install the clutch that you put one or two washers on before you install the clutch so that the clutch sticks out past the end of the crank a small amount. This causes the clutch to be pinched between the outboard washer and the shoulder of the crank.
This keeps the clutch from walking back and forth on the shaft and damaging the key way.
Here's a video that will help.

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Thanks FasterMotors,

You are correct - the problem was an improperly installed clutch that damaged the keyway. 
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