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We need your help!  As more and more racers are looking for tracks racing the 206 program we want to be able to point them in the right direction.

Help us help other find a place to bolt on a 206 and have a blast!

If your track has the class please list the track, town, and state.

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At Orlando Speed World we have 4 in JR dragster , we had some problem at first but this past weekend we where the fastest of the 206 at 49.9 in the heat of the day, every one had there 206 for a year and we just got ours for 5 weeks, just need to work the clutch to come in faster

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Road America
Elkhart Lake, Wi 53020
LO 206 classes:
LO 206 Jr. Kid Kart
LO 206 Sports
LO 206 Junior
LO 206 Senior
Animal Junior
Animal Senior
Animal Oval
LO 206 Oval

tel 920-207-9180

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New Orleans
Nola Motorsports Park

JR 1 4cycle (ages 8-11)
Jr 2 4cycle (ages 12-15)
senior 4cycle

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Miller Motorsports Park 

Sr 4 Cycle 16+ 350# Briggs LO206 / Honda GX200 
JR-2 4 Cycle 12-15 300# Briggs LO206 / Honda GX200 (restricted) 
JR-1 4 Cycle 8-11 225# Briggs LO206 / Honda GX200 (restricted) 

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Originally Posted by rdubord
New Orleans
Nola Motorsports Park

JR 1 4cycle (ages 8-11)
Jr 2 4cycle (ages 12-15)
senior 4cycle

Our Senior 4 entry is quite big with 18-30 karts consistently. If anybody wants to come down and play, read the rules first for the class here at the track.

Hammerdown Racing

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Concept Haulers Motor Speedway in Norway Illinois
Sr Briggs lo206 
Sportsman lo206

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mosport - (Canadian Tire Motorsports Park)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Goodwood Kartways

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Federated i55 SLKA Organization in St louis races 206 in rookie and senior.
max spower

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Hi yes we do in chilliwack bc Greg Moore Raceway  West Coast Kart Club
Jr 1 Briggs8-11Briggs LO2O6 (Green)240+ASNEAny CIK Hard Compound
Jr 2 Briggs12-15Briggs LO2O6 (Yellow)300+ASNCAny CIK Hard Compound
Sr Briggs16+Briggs LO2O6340+ASNCAny CIK Hard Compound
Micro Max8-11Rotax235+RMC RulesEMojo D1
Mini Max10-12Rotax290+RMC RulesCMojo D1
Jr. Rotax Max13-15Rotax320+RMC RulesC+Mojo D1
Sr. Rotax Max16+Rotax364+RMC RulesBMojo D2
Sr. Tag16+Rotax, Leopard, RokTag USA

Rok 355

Tag USABAny CIK Med Compound
Senior TKM16+TKM380+  MG Red
Rok GP16+Rok GP365+Super Rok Intl.BMG Yellow
Formula X16+OpenOpenOpenBOpen
Shifters16+ICC/Tag ICC390+Tag USABAny CIK Medium Compoud
GMR Race Now!16+Briggs LO2O6340+ASNOpenAny CIK Hard Compound

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RT106 Racepark in Pembroke NH is now exclusively LO206 Classes.

Cadet Champ 5-7 260 LO206 4100 RPM, Slide (#555728) (Gear Rule)

Junior 1 Champ Legacy 8-10 300 LO206 6150 RPM, Purple Slide (#555735) (Gear Rule)

Junior 2 Champ Legacy 8-12 325 LO206 6150 RPM, Blue Slide (#555734)

ASN Nat. Junior Champ 12-15 375 LO206 6150 RPM, Yellow Slide (#555741)

B&S 206 Senior Champ 15+ 425 LO206 6150 RPM, Stock Slide (#555590)
Karting Concepts

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We are starting the Briggs LO 206 program over here on the west coast. This engine is exactly what we need to get karting back to where it should be. It literally started out as a local option a few races ago and now it's going to be the main class promoted. Any racers interested can contact us to get more information on the series that will be run. Here's some more specs on the motor -
Karting Concepts - Pushing The Limits

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North Texas Karters in Denton, TX

Track is located on west side of Interstate 35 approximately 5 miles north of US380

Our track is a 1/2 mile 9 turn with scoring tower, Tech barn and pit runner

physical address is:

3738 Memory Ln
Denton, TX 76207

Currently racing a mixed class of Animal box stock and LO206 but popularity is growing and many are moving towards the actual LO206 rule package.
Bill Snow

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The Allegheny Karting Series has an LO206 class that runs mostly at Pittsburgh International Race Complex in Wampum PA.  

The natural terrain, .8 mile road course features multiple configurations.

The LO206 Lite (350#) and LO206 Heavy (375#) classes run the same race and Clone engines are mixed in as well.

Learn more at
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