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Where can I find all of the internal eng specs for the Raptor eng, such as bore, stoke, wrist pin dia, crank throw dia, crank and cam end play and clearances? Also is there anywhere that I can find an interchange from the old Cushman part #'s to presently available parts? Thanks for any help.

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General specs can be found in the Raptor section of our website. As for clearances, torque specs. etc. we typically do not publish these for racing as each builder has their own methods and therefore it could negatively impact the engine. IF you are looking for stock recommendations we do sell a general Model 13/single cylinder repair guide online. You could likely save yourself some money looking online at either Amazon or E-bay.

I am not sure what engine the old Cushman scooters used but if it is Model 13 based the Raptor is build from the same platform. A racing dealer or even a local lawn and garden dealer should be able to cross-reference parts for you to be 100% sure.

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