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I'm Kelly Wood.  I've been racing at Millers here in Utah for 5 years. In that 5 years we've managed to climb up the ladder and my daughter, Kaiti Wood, took JR2 Championship last season.

All this time, Millers has always used the Honda GX200's as their sealed engine.

This year, for 2014, is the transition year where both the 200's and the LO206 will be allowed... and the LO206 is being introduced.  Next year, only the LO206 will be allowed in the 4cycle classes.

I run Sr4 as well and my best to date is a 3rd.

So, here we are, about to jump into the new engines.

Keep in mind, the Millers's track (a.k.a. The monster track) uses higher gearing than usual.  For instance, An 18/54 or 19/57 is common for JR2 while a 16/53 to 55 or 17/53-54 could be for SR4.

Am I correct in thinking that ANY 206 that shows up is gonna eat the 200 alive?

Currently, the Hondas used are Gx200, governer removed, nothing else done to it.  Max RPM I've ever seen is 5500.

School me... please.

Kelly Wood 


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Congratulations on making the switch to the LO 206.
You have made a good decision.
It has proven to be a very reliable and powerful engine. 
If you keep a clean air filter on it, change the oil periodically and adjust the valves once in a while it will last a very long time.
Yes, it will kill the box stock Honda.
If you have any other question please fee free to ask them here.
Good luck
tel 920-207-9180


tel 920-207-9180

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Mixed classes are always difficult because the power curves will never be identical.  We have had combined classes in Canada when the program first was offered.  It can work, some used simple weighting and other tracks ran straight-up.  Frankly most racers converted because the cost of the engine was less than freshening their Honda.  At the time this program was introduced it had also already been ran for a couple of years so the feedback on the durability meant a substantial cost savings well beyond the purchase price for racers.  

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