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 At our last NOLA Motorsports Park Club Sprint Race event our race director disqualified a racer in the Senior 4 cycle (LO206) class from 6th place due to a raised fuel pump.

 A competitor checked the rule book from both our local and national that there is nothing specifying a location for the fuel pump to be mounted as it reads in the rules. And that the competitor was wrongly disqualified for a rule that doesn't exist.
 15. Fuel Pump 
It is recommended but not mandatory that Walbro fuel pump, 
B&S part number #557033 be used. Other pumps are 
It is prohibited to pulse from the intake manifold. 
The fuel pump must be pulsed from a pulse fitting mounted on 
the oil fill fitting located on the engine side cover. Aftermarket one-piece 
filler/pulse fittings such as shown on the right are permitted. 
A fuel filter is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to insure that dirt and contamination 
within your fuel system does not impact your carburetors performance. This is 
not a tech item.

So my question what is the ruling on fuel pump location? Ok to raise to can it be mounted anywhere or elevated or is that not allowed? Doing a google search has provided nothing and other than what I have been told via email by sources that is illegal I haven't been able to find any official ruling on this is print from any sanctioning body that runs an LO206.

Also if you need a idea of what I mean, these are some screen shots from a briggs promo video that shows fuel pumps in the ASN Canadian LO206 series being raised.




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Mr. Damon,
               The engine ships with the fuel pump in a stock location and the rule set states 'unless the rules state you can do it you cannot' and 'compared to a stock part'.  We have had this discussion before and although I don't see this as a performance enhancer I question WHY anyone would put themselves in this situation and why they did not have a discussion with the tech official as to whether or not this modification would be allowable?  

The stock location of this pump has been the same for our OHV program going on 15 years so it is proven and it works without ANY need for modification.  If Canada has allowed it at some of their events this was a discussion with officials I can assure you.  In Canada kart racers also don't wear neck collars but I can tell you that doesn't mean the black flag won't be thrown here.

The rule is the rule and it wasn't created for the purpose of giving a reason for an official to DQ someone.  It is there to simplify getting the engine on the track.  It is there to prevent the unnecessary cost and/or the creation of an unlevel playing field.  

Robert Venable

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What happens when someone replaces their fuel pump with a pump that doesn't have mounting holes matching the OEM one??

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The rule states that you can not make modifications unless listed so unless you wanted to take that risk you wouldn't.  In section 16 it also states that the control panel must be stock.   

Again, while not necessarily a rule to control a performance enhancement, moving the fuel pump has no purpose and it is clear that unless it's stated you can't do it.  Don't tell me that it prevents oil migration in the pump.  We have been using this same location on the Animal for over a decade and the vacuum is greater because of the rpm range is higher.  

We have had people tell us that they think raising the pump helps keep fuel cooler.  If that would be true this is exactly why you address it with a rule to prevent it.  If it's not true this rule prevents the rumor, the added cost, and future exotic solutions from starting.  

At the end of the day YOU, as a racer, are responsible for meeting the rules you race under.  Any question of legality and it is as easy as a conversation with the tech official BEFORE not after the race.


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So was the racer wrongly disqualified? Is it legal to raise the pump or mount it to the chassis?

You can't use the normal speall of "If it dosen't say you can, you can't!" Because the it dosent say you can or can't, its a grey area where there shouldn't be one.

I agree 100% with the purpose of the rules and the spirit of the program. But people will tinker and do stuff within the grey areas to either make the motor perform better, have more reliability, have there buddy who runs up front make some adjustments to help them move from mid pack. 

That being said, is there official rule on the location of the fuel pump? 

So that problems like people getting disqualified for rules that are not clear can be avoided in the future whether it be at a club level or national level, us or canada.

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          Every rule set, from when I was in my pine wood derby days to when I was in NASCAR (only in my dreams) has a similar catch all.  Tracks and sanctioning bodies typically also have a similar catch-all, covering 'spirit and intent'.  This is done to eliminate having a rule book that decimates every tree in the forest.  It is tried and true and clear without having to define every fastener by pitch, grade, and finish.

Again, it is up to the racers to make sure that they are legal and any question of that was a simple conversation with the tech official before the event.  

As far as tinkering goes, we already have those classes and they come with more cost (upfront/rebuilds), less reliability (not more), and less competitive racing (more variables create more power discrepancies).  The very reason you bought into the program was to stop all of that non-sense.  Am I stretching when I make that statement?

If someone is mid-pack it's seat time and chassis knowledge that will make them better, not the location of their fuel pump.


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But in this case the rules “SAY YOU CAN.” The rules allow alternate fuel pumps. So couldn’t I use an alternate fuel pump that just happens to be a Walbro constructed with mounting extensions?

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