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Registered: 04/13/14
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Can the silencer be welded to the exhaust pipe ? Over the weekend we had many that continue to come lose and 2 that fell off that where safety wired . Also we never had this problem until are tech guy made us cover the pipe as per rule #36 . All the clamps where the aluminum type . After we started seeing the problem we drilled out the bolt hole and ran a through bolt and double nutted some of them . It appears that the aluminum is annealing at this point . Please advise on the best fix at this point .

Thanks Bill !

Registered: 08/21/12
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We had the same issue. The aluminum claps stretch and when heated the silencers fly off. I safety wired mine but i.resorted to spot welding it on but running the clamp.still

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Welding is not legal.
I have a stainless steel clamp that works flawlessly for $6.00.
Call me if i can help.

tel 920-207-9180

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We where running the T bolt clamp with both pipe and silencer wrap and they still came loose . We got are track to let use to take off the wrap on the silencer and both style clamps work well now . 
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