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I have an animal that we race in quarter midgets. I am having a problem with it sputtering in the center of the corner. I have changed the carb and plug and made sure the kill switch was not grounding out. Could it be the coil? It took a pretty hard hit a few months ago but I have had it rebuilt since. It seems to only do it when it gets hot. It doesn't do it for the first few laps. Any ideas? Thanks Rick

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Check the carb float .

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I checked the carb float with no luck. I have the slide needle set in the third slot. it was fouling the plug in the second position. Thanks

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Rick, I think I just e-mailed you back some advice from an e-mail you sent but the carburetor float height will be a critical to make sure you have set correctly.  We have a video right on our website to talk you through everything.  This is likely 99% of your issues.  If the fuel is metering right in the bowl it won't let your engine become rich.  Also make sure your inlet needle is shutting off properly, aka, you don't have dirt or debris preventing it from closing off the supply of fuel.  

I would also recommend checking your spark plug for both the CHAMPION AND BRIGGS AND STRATTON logo printed on it, part number 555737.  We have a similar lawn and garden plug with a Briggs logo and same heat range that I have seen accidentally get used.  These are simply not up to the task.  The fact that you are fouling a plug makes me at least make sure you check.

Lastly, open your spark plug gap to .040" to use the power of our digital ignition will help clean up any momentary rich conditions that might occur.

Start with the float level!
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