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I have a twin engine bug go kart. It has two briggs and stratton engines. I belive they are 5hp engines. Has briggs ever made a 5hp engine that wasn't a raptor. If they have what are the differences. Can you use raptor internals? I would like to build new motors for more horsepower but it would be nice to use the same block.

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            Where to start, where to start??  lol  The Raptor is based off of our Model 13, 5 hp engine.  In some respects the parts are interchangeable.  Other components, rod, springs, etc. were specific to the Raptor.  I think what I would really suggest is contacting one of our dealers.  By either stopping by with the engines or maybe just through exchanging photos, they can give you the advice you need to be safe and obtain the performance of the Raptor.

That's your best bet.  If you struggle write back and we can work to get you with a Racing dealer.
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