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First off, I thank you for having a forum, direct to you the Manufacturer.
Freshening up a Briggs raptor and have come across 2 parts numbers for the Valve springs. 555076 and 555060. The motorsports guide shows 555076 for intake and exhaust, but I have found raptor 555060 on the NOS market?

Once again, thank you for this direct forum. I realize with the deletion of the Raptor/FunKart engines, there is no sales/profit to benefit from, However I was hoping rather than a miscellaneous area to post Raptor-FunKart 5hp engine questions/thoughts,
Briggs would take the time for a distinct area for this. This would show that Briggs stands by its product, (and it does), even for us diehards. It also would let us diehards see the newer products, and support, that is available as we upgrade.

Thanks again,

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        If you walked around Briggs there is a 105 year history in office after office and it's driven by a bunch of gearheads with a passion for what we do....I'm more than happy to help.

At one time in the life of the Raptor we had an intake and exhaust valve spring before standardizing to one spring for both.  What I cannot remember for the life of me is which is which.  The change dates back 20 plus years and the drawings are not active on our drawing archive for me to figure out for you.  

The good news is the standardized part is 690520 and it is still available through any Briggs dealer (lawn/garden or racing).  Going to this spring on a stock funkart rebuild will get you where you want to go.  Your spring pressures are slightly higher but our cam material hardenss will not be effected and you will notice no difference.

Have at it and thanks for stopping by!

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