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Registered: 11/25/13
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Ok pretty sure this is a common issue..but has anyone found a solution?!  My Son's RLV Silencer/Muffler is always coming loose after a session or two of driving.  I have tried Hi-Temp Gasket Maker, cranking the clamp down with a bar breaker, even just found a 1.5" exhaust clamp from an Autoparts store..but that is too big.

It doesnt fall off, as seems there is some large flange holding it on when loose still?  In fact I have tried to take it off and cannot get it past the flange on the pipe.  Perhaps missing something there too?

Why hasnt RLV fixed this issue since it is so common?



Registered: 11/25/13
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Found a 1-1/4" exhaust clamp at NAPA today...seems to fit well.  LocTite and Hi-Temp Manifold Copper sealant going on.

Will let you know if she holds


Registered: 06/22/11
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Guys, I went out and found this clamp.  It is a better solution to the stock aluminum clamp.

Registered: 06/15/11
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That clamp works very well. I was the first one to start using it back in the old days.
When the Animal first came out back around the turn of the century.

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Registered: 07/22/14
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I had the same issue. To resolve, I drilled it out; put a larger bolt in; and finally double-nutted it. It no longer comes loose and it cost me one bolt and two nuts.

Registered: 04/13/14
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the t bolt is the only clamp that works .

Registered: 07/15/14
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Anyone know a Canadian source for the exhaust clamp? Kart-o-rama does blanket $35 shipping to Canada which is a whole lot for a $9 part.

Registered: 07/07/14
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You're looking for a t-bolt clamp. An autopart store, or motorcycle shop like canadas motorcycle . ca

Registered: 04/13/14
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I dont know if you have Fastenal store if so you can get them there . Also a industrial hose outlet store will have them . 
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