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Is the slide that comes in the LO206 junior (black coil) the same one that is used in the LO206 (green coil)? Also I see some slides for sale that are color coded red, green, blue. I know they all have different performance aspects but do you suggest them? Do they work in the newer 206 engines?

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       The Junior 206 comes with a 4,100 rpm rev limited ignition module and a longer than stock 206 slide that limits the slide opening to .285.  To go from the Junior 206 (approx. 3 hp) to the standard 206 you will need to purchase a stock 206 ignition module (555718) and stock carburetor slide (555590).

The slide restrictor program works with all of our engines that use the PZ 22 carburetor (Animal, 206, M-series).  This is a simple plug and play system and then benefits of this system is the air/fuel ratio stays in a beautifully tight pattern optimizing engine performance across the entire RPM curve.  You can reduce the engine from around 8.8 hp with the stock slide down to the Junior 3 hp range without ever changing a jet!

With restrictor plates fuel falls out of suspension as it fights through the restriction.  This create lean conditions at times.  That fuel pools up behind the plate until it reaches the level of the plate hole or you hit a bump releasing it back into the intake charge.  This creates momentary rich conditions.  Throughout the entire RPM range and around the track you face these issues and that leads to a racer having to work with jetting just to overcome this inconsistant short fall.

With the slide system you are simply limiting how much air is entering the carburetor without impacting the mix of fuel.  It's a great, easy system, and it simplifies any carburetor changes needed.

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