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hey every one. im just wondering if any one has / or know how to hook a car tach up to a briggs v twin. i know they make a Jr dragg tack but i can  get a car tach  for 45$  .  i know there has to some one out there that has,  any ideas? im involved in lawn mower dragg racing  up in buffalo NY. i have a MTD that been heavly modified ( kinda looks like a hot/ rat  rod) ill get some pics if people want.  as of right now im hitting 45 MPH  in 300 ft. but id like to know what my launch RPM is and what it is across the line.  any info would be nice  thx


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Rocket, You probably are going to have to use trial and error to figure that one out.  My first trial would be finding the 4 cylinder setting and run the pickup wire to the kill wire.  That would be my, in the dark, guess. 

My other advice - there is a new generation of tiny tachs that you might look at for around $60 or maybe a used Micron or Digitron on ebay?

It would be great information to have for what you are doing!

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Yea ive been working on that... with no luck. I have a mechanical tach i can gold on the flywheel and bet a reading that way.. at idle its 1000 rpm off but as thet increase the distance gets further away from each othee. Ive tried various reisters ,adj pots, rehastats of diff ohms. Nothing worked. I resulted in making my own tach face, using my mech tach to put the spots for the numbers ...only because its not the same distance from one ( 1000) rpm to the next it gets larger. Ill keep trying the other wa.y but for now this will work. Again ill tak pics if any one is interested.

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Rocketray: TRAIL TECH makes low cost, quality LCD Tachometers for single and twin cylinder engines that will run you 20$-40$ check ebay or the internet for a place to purchase.

TIP: Trail tech also makes inexpensive (20$) HEAD TEMPERATURE GAUGES for air cooled engines that are simple to install and will give you peace of mind and the ability to see instantaniously if/when something has gone wrong in your engine and save it from extreme damage.

Trail tech also makes inexpencive(20$) WATER TEMPERATURE LCD GAUGES. They come with various sized water line hookups and the gauges are small roughly 1 1/2 X 2 1/2 inches .

PS: I do not work for trail tech nor do I get any money for recommending there products .

DIGITAL DAKOTA also makes tach, head temp , water temp ect Gauges . GOOD products but a bit pricey more for custom Harley ect hope this helped you Paul End aka Jake318

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