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What motor mount is the best to use for an LO206? Looking for brands - not concepts. I'm sure some of you out there have had bad mounts and found mounts you like. My mount sucks and want to get a new one.

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IMHO, Burris makes a good mount, aluminum, with quality machining and good hardware. It has a wide adjustment range, however, I also have a generic-brand copy that allows about a ½” more right offset (critical in some applications). 

We are constantly changing driver/sprockets, so we move it a lot. I have concerns about the threaded mounting holes eventually stripping (I’ve never seen a torque spec). I would like to see someone make a mount using through/captive bolts to eliminate this issue.

Otherwise we're happy with our Burris.


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Ive been running a Performance manufacturing mount on my sons birel chassis. No problems at all and plenty of adjustment.

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I went with the Triple T mount from Innovative Karting in Phoenix. Love the mount. All adjustments happen from the top. No more going underneath my kart. It's machined well. Very strong mount. I have a hard time believing that there is a better mount on the market today. I have had zero issues with it.
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