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I build and race vanguard v-twins ranging from the 35 cubic inch to the 38 cubic inch.  I have found some people getting cams that are stock but solid never ground from briggs.  Also these cams don't have the oiling holes in them.  I was wondering if someone could provide me with the part number for these so I could order me some to have on my shelf.


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Big Blue,
           I would contact a Bordeaux Dyno Cams or Performance V-twin for this part.  This is an OEM only part for programs such as the Bandolero, Slingshot, etc. and these two companies I am pretty sure can access this part because they supply finished cams for these programs.

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So can my local mower shop order these in if they had the part number?  They are a briggs dealer, but wasn't sure what the part number was when I asked them.

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Big Blue, That means call those two companies I previously recommended because they are not available outside of equipment engine manufacturers.

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