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I live in Canada and can not find the recommended  Briggs and Stratton 4T racing oil made by Amsoil. How come we can't get it here. What oil is recommended as an alternative.



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Sorry I found the answer. I should have searched a few post before posting mine.

Answer:Amsoil's Dominator 4-cycle oil or Redline Karting

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       That is because of the Canadian language requirements.  What you can get is Amsoil dominator 4-stroke oil or Redline.  Those two products are over engineered beyond most automotive oils and therefore are good alternatives.  Stay away from karting oils.  They offer limited protection and have severe limitations to them that end up in accelerate wear and ultimate failure.  Automotive oils outside of the two I named I would also stay away from.  Most are not engineered for a splash lube system and are prone to foaming at rpm.

What I say to racers is 4T is to our racing engine like running shoes are to someone running marathons.  While you can run in tennis shoes, designing and engineering for a specific environment is something that can be seen on the dyno, in wear reduction over time, in the cleanliness of seasoned parts and the life of the engine.  


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I ship parts to Canada all the time.
If you want the right oil (4T) i'll be glad to help you out.

tel 920-207-9180
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