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I need to buy some spare parts for my World Formula Go Kart Engine. Please, let me know any e-commerce where I can buy it in USA.

Also, I could not get the list of the Briggs and Stratton dealers in Brazil, where I live. I was directed to tell an address in USA ... Brazil, did not word on this site. So, if you can get this list, send it to me, please.


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As for information on distribution in Brazil please send me an e-mail at

Dealers with World Formula parts and online e-commerce........

To be fair to all of our dealers I would suggest doing a Google search for 'Briggs Racing Formula Engine Sale'.  Many of our dealers have online stores so this seems the fairest route.

If you struggle at all add that to your e-mail! 
Daniels father

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Reply with quote  #3   Regan Vehring builds championship engines.

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Web site:
tel 920-207-9180
Complete Briggs racing parts and engine inventory.

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