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Have the LO206 but trying to understand why there are two drain plugs and two fillers.  Is there some oil baffle in the block?  Sure seems like it when I went to change the oil for the 1st time on my sons kart after his first time in the 206 as oil seemed to spill out on the accessible fill port

Didnt get any manual of any sort 

Thank You


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        The side cover fills and drains are for application flexibility.  Depending on the application some racers use the front fill because it is the most accessible.  If your engine is on an angle mount the front drain plug on the engine is likely the most convenient.  The rear fill (under the cylinder) is likely your easiest to use to fill.  Something I might suggest, an oil evacuator.  It's by far the easiest, least messy ways to change your oil out.  I use one, you simply run the drain line into the crankcase while the engine is still warm and pump all your oil out.  Everything is contained and you don't have oil dripping on your engine mount and so forth.

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Appreciate the quick answer


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